HeartQuest VAD

HeartQuest VAD The HeartQuest VAD is a bearingless, fully magnetically levitated implantable centrifugal rotary blood pump. It uses magnetic levitation to suspend the shining rotor, its only moving part, inside a compact housing. The pump’s proprietary levitation technology employs a combination of passive magnetic suspension and single-axis active control, which is expected to provide optimal …

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LifePort 7

LifePort 7 The LifePort Kidney Transporter provides a new high-tech alternative to the conventional method of organ storage and transportation -a cooler filled with ice. The LifePort gently perfuses, or pumps, the kidney with a cold liquid solution to improve tits condition before transplantation, which can nearly double storage time, potentially increase the number of …

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The FreeGo enteral feeding pump is a microprocessor-controlled rotary peristaltic pump that provides for accurate, controlled enteral feeding in a safe, user-friendly system. It is intended for hospital, acute care, long-term care, and home use, and designed for both stationary and ambulatory use.

FM Wand and Ferromagnetic Surgical System

FM Wand Ferromagnetic Surgical System The FM Wand Ferromagnetic Surgical System is a unique surgical device that harnesses the power of ferromagnetic heating to simultaneously cut and coagulate soft tissue while minimizing collateral tissue damage, without passing an electrical current through the patient.

EnteraLite Infinity Pump

EnteraLite Infinity Pump EnteraLite Infinity provides active freedom, surpassing all other enteral pumps. Designed for both hospital and alternate care use the EnteraLite Infinity’s size, weight, accuracy, and portability promote and support physical activity. Enteral nutrition consumers can now gain the benefits of health-improving physical activity.