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At Eclipse we deliver exceptional product design and development services, with extensive expertise in the medical device industry. From initial concept to prototype to production and testing–whatever stage your product is in—the Eclipse team will help get it to commercialization. 

Ideation & Design

As Nobel Prize chemist, Linus Pauling, insightfully observed: “If you want good ideas, you must have many ideas.” Using a mix of insight, observation, and empathy we creatively explore and prototype possibilities in order to create an abundance of design choices to choose from.


Through continued prototyping and experimentation, we apply our analytical development tools honed over decades of experience to converge on an optimal design that best meets your particular business constraints.


This rigorous process strives to answer two vital questions: “Did we build the product right?” and “Did we build the right product?”

Who we've worked with

Our Specialties


3D Modeling 

Rapid prototype 

Plastic injection molded parts 

Extrusion molded parts 

Machined parts 

Housings and mechanisms 

Design review 

QMS Design Controls 


Embedded Systems 

Mobile app development 

Windows, Linux OS 

QMS Design Controls 


Digital, Analog, Power Electronics 

Schematic capture 

Printed circuit board layout 

EMI testing 

Design review 

QMS Design Controls 

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